We believe that investors are often sold short, and that you deserve more

In our view there are two paths – an infamous street, or a more personal lane that takes your wealth as seriously as you do.

Wall Street has its allure. But the reality is, those familiar-named firms evolved from brokerage and still sell what is convenient, current and often conflicted.

Our only priority is you. We are proudly independent. We are here to work closely with you – to offer you prudent advice and customized comprehensive financial solutions for your specific needs.

Coordinating every aspect of your wealth

We are not just an investment firm, but a team of highly qualified wealth management specialists. We make sure that you not only have the right investments, but we also address the risk management aspects of tax exposure and legal domicile. This holistic approach assures every detail about your wealth is considered, coordinated and optimized.

Access to a full-range of services

We provide fully integrated wealth management services. In addition, we work hand-in-glove with third-party specialists to provide the best overall solutions.

The services we provide:

  • Pre-transaction planning
  • Asset allocation
  • Investment management
  • Cash flow and liquidity planning
  • Consolidated performance reporting
  • Family governance
  • Philanthropic planning

The services we facilitate with third-parties:

  • Accounting
  • Insurance
  • Trust and estate

Offering opportunities beyond the bulls and the bears

The kind and size of investments most large firms offer are limited due to scale. To appease their thousands of clients, these firms can only commit to the largest investment opportunities, which are not necessarily the most advantageous to you. In addition to providing individual investment guidance, we identify, diligence, negotiate and structure investments in private and alternative fund opportunities. Furthermore, some of the most opportune investments we encounter are primarily and often exclusively offered to families and firms such as ours.